Mary Beth Rosson


Because of my administrative role (a full-time position), my teaching has been curtailed significantly, though I do still advise a number of graduate students and sit on many many masters and dissertation committees. Historically, at the undergraduate level, I have taught IST 331 (Introduction to HCI) many times, as well as IST 110 (Introduction to IST). The web sites for these classes are available through Angel (login required).

At the graduate level, I have taught several courses:
Integrated Theories and Methods in IST (IST 501)
Methods for HCI Research (IST 521)
HCI Theories and Frameworks (IST 522)

On occasion, Jack Carroll and I also teach a one-hour seminar for our CSCL and other interested HCI PhD students: Current Issues in HCI


In addition to teaching and research, I am the Associate Dean in charge of Graduate Programs for IST. One of my responsibilities is to provide general information to prospective students, so feel free to contact me if you are considering our graduate program.

I am advisor to a number of MS and PhD students, including Saijing Zheng, Chulakorn (Top) Aritajati, Joslenne Pena, Jun Ge, and Na Sun.

My former PhD students include George Chin, Cheryl Seals, Tracy Lewis, Jochen Rode, Lu Xiao (co-advisor), Gregorio Convertino (co-advisor), Joshua Gross, Helena Mentis, Dejin Zhao, Bridget Blodgett (co-advisor), Hansa Sinha, Bernie (Nan) Zang, Honglu Du, Heidi Webb, Elizabeth Thiry and Na Li.

About Me

Mary Beth Rosson is Professor of IST at Penn State University, as well as an HCI researcher; she can be contacted by email via mrosson AT